Disrupting the Culture of Silence named an Outstanding Academic title for 2015 by Choice!

Disrupting the
Culture of Silence

Confronting Gender Inequality and
Making Change in Higher Education.

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This book is a “tool kit” for advancing greater gender equality and equity in higher education. It presents the latest research on issues of concern to women academics, and to anyone interested in a more equitable academy. It documents the challenging, sometimes hostile experiences of women academics through analysis of qualitative and quantitative data, including narratives from women academics of different races and ethnicities across disciplines, ranks, and university types.  This edited volume addresses questions such as:

  • What do women academics classify as challenging, inequitable, or “hostile” work environments and experiences? How do these vary by women’s race/ethnicity, rank, sexual orientation, or other social locations?
  • How do academic cultures and organizational structures work independently and in tandem to foster or challenge such work climates?
  • What actions can institutions and individuals–independently and collectively–take toward equity in the academy?

CHOICE: Current Reviews for Academic Libraries has named Disrupting the Culture of Silence one of the “Outstanding Academic Titles” for 2015. The criteria for this honor include:

  • overall excellence in presentation and scholarship
  • importance relative to other literature in field
  • distinction as a first treatment of a given subject in book or electronic form
  • originality or uniqueness of treatment
  • value to undergraduate students
  • importance in building undergraduate library collections

This prestigious list reflects the best in scholarly titles reviewed by Choice and brings with it the extraordinary recognition of the academic library community.

Comprising almost 9% of the titles reviewed by Choice (6,500), and less than 3% of the titles submitted for review (over 25,000), this year the OAT list contains 606 titles representing 54 disciplines. Only 13 other Social and Behavioral Sciences titles are on this year’s list.

Book Reviews

  • “Disrupting the Culture of Silence: Confronting Gender Inequality and Making Change in Higher Education, is an engaging, evidence-based toolkit for building gender equity in higher education.”Gayle Sulik
  • “Engagingly written and rich in formal data and telling anecdote, this sociologically smart collection will be an important tool for graduate students and faculty confronting what remains a male-biased system of higher education.”Myra Marx Ferree, University of Wisconsin
  • “Through real-life narratives, case studies, resources, tools, and action steps that build off of each other in an intentional manner, readers may transform this knowledge into action where they can work to make change on their own campuses and in their professional and personal lives.”Penny Pasque