From People to Policies: Enduring Inequalities and Inequities for Women Academics
Kris De Welde and Andi Stepnick

Part One

The Structure: Blocked Advancement, Marginalization, and Resource Inequalities

  1. Glass Ceilings and Gated Communities in Higher Education
    Robert J. Hironimus-Wendt and Doreen A. Dedjoe
  2. Challenges of Race and Gender for Black Women in the Academy
    Candice P. Baldwin and Monica D. Griffin
  3. Contingent Appointments and the Diminishing Voice, Agency, and Professionalism of Women
    Cecile H. Sam and Adrianna Kezar
  4. Faculty Gender Inequity and the “Just Say No to Service” Fairy Tale
    Karen Pyke

Case Study
Lecturer Barnes: Long-Term Contingent Faculty

Part Two

Structure Meets Culture: Work-Family Conflicts

  1. The Influence of Departmental Culture on Academic Parents’ and Pro-Work Behaviors
    Julie A. Kmec, Shanyuan Foo, and Amy S. Wharton
  2. Assimilating to the Norm: Academic Women’s Experiences with Work-Family Policies
    Catherine Richards Solomon
  3. The Eldercare Crisis and Implications for Women Faculty
    Gretal Leibnitz and Briana Morrison

Case Study
Graduate Student Chastain: Navigating Gendered Family-Work Expectations

Part Three

Exclusionary Cultures: Intellectual and Identity Inequalities

  1. Perpetuating Inequality Through the Canons of Disciplinary Knowledge
    Barret Katuna
  2. Characteristics and Perceptions of Women of Color Faculty Nationally
    Corinne Castro
  3. Women Sociologists and the Question of Inclusion in the Academy
    Kristin Marsh
  4. Not the Ideal Professor: Gender in the Academy
    Laura Hirshfield
  5. Intersectional Invisibility and the Academic Work Experiences of Lesbian Faculty
    Diana Bilimoria and Abigail J. Stewart

Case Study
Dr. Liu: The Multiple Challenges for an Asian Woman Professor in the Social Science Field

Part Four

Hostile Climates: Harassment and Incivility

  1. Gender Differences in Faculty Responses to Contrapower Harassment
    Claudia Lampman
  2. Confronting Faculty Incivility and Mobbing
    Susan K. Gardner and Amy Blackstone
  3. Women of Color in the Academy: From Trauma to Transformation
    Molly Everett Davis, Halaevalu F. Ofahengaue Vakalahi, and Renay Scales

Case Study
Dr. Smith: Early-Career Mobbing and Student Hostilities

Part Five

Tools for Changing the Academy

  1. Multiple Perspectives for Creating Change in the Academy
    Elizabeth J. Allan
  2. With So Many Problems, Where Do We Begin? Building a Toolbox for Change
    Abby L. Ferber

Case Studies of Resistance and Feminist Change
Undergraduate Student and Faculty Organizing: Lobbying for a Women’s Center
Laura Logan

Feminists ADVANCE-IT at URI
Jessica Holden-Sherwood

Nursing Social Change in the Academy Through Lactation Spaces
Julia McQuillan

Feminist Change in Work-Life Policies: The Case at U-Mass Amherst
Joya Misra

Online Resources