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Disrupting the Culture of Silence: Institutional Betrayal in the Context of Academia. Presidential Plenary address.
Pacific Sociological Association Annual meeting
Portland Oregon. April 2017.


Disrupting the Culture of Silence: Confronting Gender Inequality in Sociology Departments.
American Sociological Association Annual Meeting
Seattle, WA. Department Chair’s Conference. August 22, 2016.


Disrupting the Culture of Silence and Fostering an Inclusive Departmental Community.
American Sociological Association Annual Meeting
Chicago, IL. Department Chair’s Conference. August 21, 2015


Yes, We Can!: Overcoming Biases in Academia.
Women in Academia Annual Conference, keynote address.
Stockton University, NJ. January 12, 2016.


Select Workshops

Take the Train Where You Want it to Go: Strategies for Success in Hostile Work Environments
Participants explore scenarios of hostile work environments and work in small groups to generate effective approaches to managing workplace hostility that can lead to institutional change and individual success.

From Chilly Climate to Gender Progressive Department (or College)
Departments possess differing levels of support and resources for women academics. In this workshop, we explore a range of departmental cultures and work together to create specific approaches for “gender progressive” departments on your campus.

Advancing Academic Justice: Assessment and Change Toward Inclusive Departments

This workshop offers participants the opportunity to assess their departmental cultures with attention to gender, race/ethnicity, and sexual orientation. In small group discussions, participants will develop action steps for assessing and changing their departments.


Faculty/ Administrative Development

Self-Defense in the Academy: Advice for Navigating Hostile Situations
Participants draw on case studies of workplace challenges and hostilities that occur at interpersonal, institutional, and extra-institutional levels. We will strategize to address these situations at these levels and to prevent them in the future.

Developing Family-Friendly Policies and Supportive Cultures
Administrators will discuss examples of workplace challenges for families, including the increasing need for elder care. We’ll share best practices for fostering family-friendly policies and cultures, both of which are needed for effective change.

Walking and Talking Academic Justice
This workshop encourages participants to develop ideas for manifesting academic justice in their careers and workplaces by exploring real-life case studies of hostility in the academy. We’ll focus on strategies to survive (possibly thrive), and change.

Select Keynotes, Research Presentations and Lectures

Fostering an Inclusive Departmental Community
Department chairs must fulfill multiple – often competing – roles while sometimes striving for inclusivity, diversity, and equity. We’ll share research-based insights about what prevents positive change, and what proactive steps department heads can take to be proactive and effective in meeting these challenges.

Gender Equality and Equity in the 21st Century Academy
Academic institutions face internal and external pressures that prevent gender equity. We’ll discuss research on best practices for creating or revising policies, allocating resources, and implementing other structural changes to address invisible ways the academy perpetuates inequality.

It’s Not as Glamorous as it Looks: Hostility and Resilience in the Gendered Academy
From the “chilly climate” to the “old boys’ club,” women faculty must navigate structures and cultures that marginalize them, penalize them, and undermine their successes. Drawing on our research, we address harassment, work/family conflicts, classroom hostilities, and antagonisms experienced by academic women in U.S. colleges and universities. Our research suggests the ways that women’s power and agency, across disciplines, can be undermined in interactional and institutional ways resulting in personal and professional costs to women academics and the academy.

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